The clue is in the name. Social media is designed to be social and having good sociable skills will make your channels more successful, more rewarding and more enjoyable for you.

Here are my top 4 tips to help you be sociable

Don’t just talk about yourself.

Social media is not designed for broadcasting. Yes you probably joined social media in the first place in order to promote yourself and your book but only talking about yourself or only posting constant updates about your book won’t be very appealing to your audience. Social media is about relationships, engagement and conversations. It isn’t about selling yourself but about being a part of a community. 

Add value.

What can you share that will be interesting for your followers? This could be behind the scenes glimpses of your life as a writer, information about how you researched your book, early illustrations or cover approaches, interesting facts about your subject. Don’t underestimate how interesting these little glances into your writing life can be to your followers.  

Adding value could also be sharing articles and content from other places that your audience will be interested in. For example if you are a children’s author you could share articles from one of the literacy charities giving tips on how to encourage a love of reefing in children.

Have conversations.

All of the social media channels want to encourage engagement.  If you encourage, and importantly join in with, conversations on your feed your posts will be more successful and be seen by more people. Plus it shows your followers that you are genuinely interested in them and want to engage with them. Try to reply to comments where possible, a lovely response from you will give that person a really positive experience and help them to feel a connection with you. 

Be generous, share and support others

Social media is about relationships and community so supporting and engaging with others will help build your presence as well as potentially create some strong relationships for you. Don’t be afraid to share, like and comment on other people’s posts, especially when their content is also relevant to your audience. Just dive in – sometimes you just have to go for it, join in the conversation and get going with the flow. 

Ultimately being good on social media is like being a good party guest. Do you want to be the person who shouts loudly about themselves to anyone who will listen, or would you rather be the person who listens and has proper conversations with people, offering interesting insights or entertaining anecdotes and taking an interest in the people they are talking to and what they are saying?