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What’s going on for you right now?


– You’ve been writing for a while, you might have made good progress through your book, but suddenly you’ve stopped and you’re not sure why

– You may have finished your book but you can’t bring yourself to send it out

– You’ve become an expert in procrastination and finding distractions and other things to stop you from moving forward on what’s important

– Your motivation and creativity seem to have disappeared entirely and you feel like you’ve lost your way

– You’re overwhelmed and not sure what to do next, or how to move forward

– You feel alone in this and really need someone supportive, kind and non judgemental to talk things through with

Do these sound familiar?

If you recognise yourself in any, or all, of the above, don’t worry I promise you’re not alone. These blocks are really common, and annoyingly they often come to challenge us just as we are getting closer to our goals.

The key in to stop them in their tracks, deal with them and move forward.

If this is you and you would like someone to talk things through with confidentially, and in a one to one session entirely focused on you and your own challenges consider my AUTHOR CONFIDENCE BOOST

This focused coaching package is designed to get you unstuck and moving forward as quickly as possible with confidence and renewed energy.

What you get

AUTHOR CONFIDENCE BOOST is made up of two coaching sessions with me, delivered via zoom.


In the first session we meet for 90 minutes and I take you through my framework to really deep dive into, and understand and highlight the areas that are causing your challenges. I will then coach you around solutions to get past those blocks and move forward.


You will leave the session with a number of practical tips and techniques which you can implement straight away to start seeing changes.


We then meet again two weeks later for a 30 minute session so we can evaluate what is working for you and what isn’t and tweak the plan accordingly.

The Investment

Author Confidence Boost is £280

This is for you if:

You’ve had enough of feeling this way and being stuck and you are ready to move forward

You are open minded and ready to try new approaches

You are prepared to do the work – coaching can only show you the opportunities, possible solutions, and techniques, you have to be prepared to try them and see what works for you

This is not for you if:

You are waiting for someone to fix your challenges for you

You are looking for editorial and structural advice on the content of your book – I am not an editor

What my coaching clients say:

‘My coaching sessions with Kelly couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve had such a brilliant start to my career as a children’s author but I was burned out after taking on too much too fast and I needed a recovery plan. I was feeling inexplicably low and anxious and unable to move forward with anything despite the fact that I had some exciting opportunities to explore. I was stuck. Kelly was warm, understanding, and insightful. She helped me put together a plan to recover from burnout, reclaim control over my time, set boundaries, and keep my attention on what matters most to me. It’s brought so much joy and focus. I’m loving being a writer again and I’m feeling so positive about the future. I can’t thank her enough for that.

Rashmi Sirdeshpande

‘Kelly is a brilliant coach. Shes a perfect combination of persuasive and sensitive. She gently coaxes me to overcome my blocks to help me achieve my professional and personal goals.

We end each session with actionable points to which Im held accountable and which I make every attempt to complete before our next session.

I would say that working with her has been transformative for my business and for me personally. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking a business coach.’

Justine Solomons

Byte The Book

‘I consulted Kelly because I was feeling blocked with my writing, that stuck-in-the-middle feeling, and l was overwhelmed by the task of moving on. Kelly listened patiently and asked interesting questions that made me think deeply about my writing practice and my motivation. She was able to suggest a number of actions that I could try, and these we discussed so that I felt comfortable and positive about trying them out. Kelly’s approach is completely individual, tailored to what I wanted to achieve. I found it particularly useful to have the time to talk about my relationship with my writing and to express both the joys and the hesitations.I would thoroughly recommend Kelly for building confidence and for anyone who is finding themselves overwhelmed or stuck for any reason.

Penny Speller

About me

I am an Accredited Confidence and Mindset Coach (accreditation with Institute of Leadership and Management) who is passionate about supporting authors.

Having worked in marketing in publishing, and with authors, for two decades, I know this is a challenging industry and am sympathetic and understanding of the challenges an author might face.

I have worked with coaches myself and believe in, and have experienced, the transformative power of coaching to help people forward to achieve their goals.

I particularly enjoy helping authors get to the root of what’s holding them back and help them move forward. I love holding that supportive space for my clients and am told I am kind, supportive and encouraging.

I particularly enjoy helping authors get to the root of what’s holding them back and help them move forward. I love holding that supportive space for my clients and am told I am kind, supportive and encouraging.

You might not have considered coaching before, and might not be sure if you want to make a longer term commitment to coaching without seeing how it can help you.

I totally understand so this package is designed to give you practical tips and advice that you can put into action now.

However, If you love the experience and having the dedicated support and coaching and want to keep working with me afterwards I will deduct the investment you make in AUTHOR CONFIDENCE BOOST from the price of my longer coaching packages.