Why work with me?

1. I have extensive experience in the publishing industry

I have worked in book and magazine publishing for over twenty years. I have been a bookseller (in fact that was the starting point for me to discover this wonderful world of books and publishing) I have held senior marketing roles at two of the biggest UK publishing houses (HarperCollins and Hodder&Stoughton), I have worked on a vast number of authors and their books ranging from major author brand names such as Stephen King, Cecelia Ahern, Philippa Gregory, Jodi Picoult, through to big non fiction bestsellers, debut authors and genre authors. I have also worked in media publishing and was Head of Marketing for the woman&home magazine brand.

2. I understand the complexities and challenges of the industry

I have worked in very busy publishing marketing departments where there are so many fantastic books to work on but not enough time to give every one as much focus as you would like. Outsourcing elements of your social media and Facebook advertising activity to me means I can give your publishing projects the focus, love and attention you want for them.

I also recognise that there are many demands on an author’s time, an ever growing list of tasks to do to help promote your book not to mention the writing of your books, and that that can be very challenging, overwhelming and sometimes uncomfortable. I can help you. I offer friendly, helpful and encouraging advice and strategy to support you, help you get to grips with your social media, build your channels, engage with your readers and promote your books whatever stage you are at with your social media.

3. I have invested significantly in my social media training and development to ensure I have the latest skill set and knowledge

Although social media has been a major part of my marketing roles since social media started I wanted to ensure that my social media knowledge and understanding was the best it could be so I can be confident I am offering the best advice and service to my clients. I studied with the award winning Digital Mums on their Diploma in Advanced Strategic Social Media Marketing.

In 2019 I trained with one of the leading Facebook advertising strategists in the UK, someone whose own training was delivered by Facebook.

Social media is changing all the time and I make it my business to keep up to speed with developments. I am also a member of several membership groups in the social media and Facebook advertising spheres ensuring I always have access to the latest thinking and best practice.

I offer the perfect combination of both publishing industry and social media expertise meaning I understand your challenges and I can offer the social media services to help you.