4 ways for authors to be more sociable on social media

4 ways for authors to be more sociable on social media

The clue is in the name. Social media is designed to be social and having good sociable skills will make your channels more successful, more rewarding and more enjoyable for you. Here are my top 4 tips to help you be sociable Don’t just talk about yourself. Social...

Kelly is a highly skilled social media strategist and this, coupled with her considerable publishing experience, made her ideal to work with on developing Enid Blyton’s social media presence.

Kelly delivered a very thorough social media strategy, setting out a plan for launching new channels for Enid Blyton as well as growing existing channels. She managed the channels for nine months and achieved great results.

Kelly provided additional support during a key title launch and created a big summer social media campaign moment #MyBlytonSummer to keep Enid Blyton front-of-mind during the summer holidays, even pulling in a third party promotional partner.

Kelly is highly knowledgeable, capable and experienced but also full of ideas and is a great pleasure to work with. I thoroughly recommend her.

Lucy Upton

Marketing Director, Hachette Children’s Books

I booked a one-to-one ‘power hour’ session with Kelly and would recommend it highly. Kelly has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she brings to her social media strategies. She is friendly, warm, and approachable (especially important for me working in a new area with all the uncertainty the can bring!). Her depth of marketing and publishing experience means she can marry her insights from the industry with her social media recommendations. She was generous with her advice. Her thorough preparation and thoughtfulness meant that there was nothing generic about her recommendations, they were absolutely tailored to my work, my mission and my personal needs – but set in a bedrock of understanding the marketing landscape I needed to make an impact on. Plus, importantly, she’s just lovely, which makes it all much more fun!
Laura Hamm

Founder, - A storytelling platform