Lovely words from previous clients.

‘My coaching sessions with Kelly couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve had such a brilliant start to my career as a children’s author but I was burned out after taking on too much too fast and I needed a recovery plan. I was feeling inexplicably low and anxious and unable to move forward with anything despite the fact that I had some exciting opportunities to explore. I was stuck. Kelly was warm, understanding, and insightful. She helped me put together a plan to recover from burnout, reclaim control over my time, set boundaries, and keep my attention on what matters most to me. It’s brought so much joy and focus. I’m loving being a writer again and I’m feeling so positive about the future. I can’t thank her enough for that.’

Rashmi Sirdeshpande

‘Kelly is a brilliant coach. Shes a perfect combination of persuasive and sensitive. She gently coaxes me to overcome my blocks to help me achieve my professional and personal goals.

We end each session with actionable points to which Im held accountable and which I make every attempt to complete before our next session.

I would say that working with her has been transformative for my business and for me personally. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking a business coach.’

Justine Solomons

Byte The book

‘I turned to Kelly during a difficult moment in my career when for various reasons – both personal and professional – I found myself lacking focus and feeling like my best achievements were behind me.

Over a series of weeks, Kelly worked with me as a coach and mentor to establish a more positive and productive mindset.

The work we have done together has transformed my creative output and self-confidence. Kelly has given me tools to help me quiet that voice of doubt in the back of my head and encouraged not just healthier work patterns, but wider life habits that I know I will use in the future.

Kelly is a calm, kind and skilful coach who really does bring out the best in people. If you are struggling with confidence, direction or motivation I can highly recommend her.’

Hannah Richell

I approached Kelly for help with “imposter syndrome”.

After 25 years in my career, I had lost confidence in my abilities and was floundering. I desperately needed a metaphorical kick up the behind”.

From the beginning, Kellys professionalism and thoughtfulness shone through. Having felt very isolated during lockdown, I blurted out some heavy stuff in our first session but Kelly took my revelations in her stride and would later come back with some great insight into how they might be holding me back.

Kelly made some wonderful suggestions as to how I could move forward and I feel that our sessions have left me with a valuable toolkit to make the changes I need.

I feel empowered and energised by Kellys support and would happily recommend her help to anyone looking to break bad thought habits or make great leaps.

Commercial Fiction Author

Kelly worked with us as a mentor to help us create a presence and identity on Twitter and Instagram. She took the time to understand us and our market, helped us to grasp the nature of good social media marketing, and guided us through the setting up process. She was clear, engaging and attentive throughout the process, and I cant recommend her highly enough.

Jonathan Harris

Revise SQE

Kelly has been completely transformational for our project. Her books background meant she completely understood the brief, and she quickly identified the key activity needed to re-align and re-engage the social media of our client – all with a clear focus towards the book’s ultimate publication.

Excellent communication and feedback as well, would be delighted to work with again.

Jessica Axe

White Lion Publishing

I have just had 5 sessions with Kelly to help me with my book marketing and social media and I can’t recommend her enough.

Kelly bought a great structure to the sessions to ensure that I walked away with something that I can easily implement and also helped to guide me with a member of my team who will be starting to do some aspects of my social media.

She really gets what you say and manages to come up with great unique and authentic ideas to counteract any fear (eg Instagram reels!).

I feel lucky to have had Kelly’s support in my journey to being a published author and to connect with the world in an authentic way through social media. Highly recommend.

Joanna Lott


‘Kelly helped me on the launch of my first novel “The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus” and was a delight to work with her. She is very knowledgeable (and wise!) on all aspects of digital marketing and a brilliant and creative guide in formulating and executing a strategy. She is organised, a brilliant communicator and above all an amazing coach and cheerleader. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Adam Leigh


There is more to a book than writing it! You want it read. I feel so excited about my book journey because I have a team around me – and Kelly is an important part of this team. I am not a social media expert – but also I didn’t want someone to take it over! Kelly has given me direction, strategy and invaluable instruction. She ‘got me’ immediately and her relaxed, knowledgeable input inspired trust. Clarity on my target readers and a non-salesy, ‘authentically me’ way of engaging them! Bliss.

Trisha Lewis


‘We were due to launch a new and we hoped game-changing Educational publishing product and needed a carefully considered and affordable social media plan to make real noise in the market. Kelly went to work and provided us with a highly detailed and timed plan – it is great when people exceed all your expectations.

Martin Casimir

Managing Director Maths - No Problem!

The UK edition of my debut novel ‘Manual For A Decent Life’ was released at the end of June 2020.  Because a launch event could not be organised with any certainty and bookstores and venues were closed when we needed to plan, my publisher Linen Press decided that the e-book edition would come out first, in the summer, and the paperback in the autumn. I knew I had a readership beyond the UK, and in fact, my novel was first published in the U.S. I required additional marketing help, beyond what a small and brilliant indie like Linen Press could provide, to create visibility for the new e-book across the main markets for my novel – UK, USA, Canada and India. I chose Kelly to work with me on a Facebook campaign for three months. She was professional, friendly, creative and efficient – a joy to work with.

She was clear about the proposed programme and realistic about the results.

I really liked her creative content and appreciated the background work she put in before making any suggestions. She was great about checking back and getting approval before she went ahead with a campaign. She also tailored the campaign to fit different regions or target groups as we went along.

Overall, I was glad to place my trust in Kelly and happy that I had someone in my corner to help me with marketing on Facebook as I had neither the time nor knowledge to undertake that myself. I highly recommend her.’

Kavita Jindal


Kelly is a highly skilled social media strategist and this, coupled with her considerable publishing experience, made her ideal to work with on developing Enid Blyton’s social media presence.

Kelly delivered a very thorough social media strategy, setting out a plan for launching new channels for Enid Blyton as well as growing existing channels. She managed the channels for nine months and achieved great results.

Kelly provided additional support during a key title launch and created a big summer social media campaign moment #MyBlytonSummer to keep Enid Blyton front-of-mind during the summer holidays, even pulling in a third party promotional partner.

Kelly is highly knowledgeable, capable and experienced but also full of ideas and is a great pleasure to work with. I thoroughly recommend her.

Lucy Upton

Marketing Director, Hachette Children’s

“Kelly Weekes is more than a marketing mentor; she is an avid supporter of your work and she wants you to achieve your goals.

Kelly takes the time to get to know her clients, their personalities, and thinks of ways to help them represent themselves in a way that is true to them; working with her is a wonderfully empowering experience.”

Nadia Wassef


“Kelly helped me on the launch of my first novel “The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus” and was a delight to work with her.

She is very knowledgeable (and wise!) on all aspects of digital marketing and a brilliant and creative guide in formulating and executing a strategy. She is organised, a brilliant communicator and above all an amazing coach and cheerleader. I could not recommend her highly enough.”

Adam Leigh